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Proximity sensor application scenario


Proximity sensor application scenario

The proximity sensor has the characteristics of long service life, reliable operation, high repetitive positioning accuracy, no mechanical wear, no spark, no noise, strong anti-vibration ability and so on. It can be used as limit, count, location control and automatic protection link in automatic control system. It is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile and printing industries.


1. Test distance

Inspect the stop, start and pass position of elevator and lifting equipment; Inspect the position of vehicle to prevent collision of two objects; Inspect the setting position of working machinery to move the limit position of machine or parts; Inspect the stop position of rotary body, the opening or closing position of valve; Inspect the piston moving position in cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.


2. Size control

Dimension control device for metal plate punching and shearing; automatic selection and identification of metal parts length; detection of stacking height during automatic loading and unloading; detection of length, width, height and volume of articles.


3. Check whether objects exist.

Check whether there are product packaging boxes on the production line and check whether there are any product parts.


4. Speed and speed control

Control the speed of conveyor belt; control the speed of rotating machinery; with a variety of pulse generators to control the speed and revolution.


5. Count and control

Check the number of products passed on the production line; the revolutions of the high speed rotating shaft or disc; and the counting of the parts.


6. Abnormal detection

Detection of bottle cap, product qualification and non-conformity judgment, detection of the lack of metal products in the packaging box, distinguish between metal and non-metal parts, product label detection, crane dangerous area alarm, escalator automatic start and stop.


7. Metering control

Automatic measurement of products or parts; measuring the range of meters and meters and the control number or flow; measuring buoy control surface height, flow; testing iron buoys in stainless steel barrels; gauge range upper or lower limit control; flow control, horizontal control.


Heyi Tec. Produce the special proximity sensor NS-A1 series with different detection head. Mean that the amplifier and the sensor head are separated, that will let user just to change the detection head then will be fit for many different place. Can reduce the cost of the user.