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About pressure sensor


About pressure sensor


Pressure is ubiquitous in human society, so pressure sensor has naturally become the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice. It is widely used in a variety of industrial automatic control environment, involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent building, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil well, electric power, ship. Ships, machine tools, pipes and many other industries.


Pressure sensors are transducers that convert pressure into electrical signals.

While talking about pressure sensors, we must derive the concept of pressure transmitter.

Usually, the sensor consists of two parts, namely, the sensing element and the conversion element. Sensor refers to the part of the sensor that can directly sense or respond to the measured value; conversion element refers to the part of the sensor that converts the strain of the measured value of the sensing element to the electrical signal suitable for transmission or measurement.


Because the output signal of the sensor is usually very weak, it needs to be modulated and amplified. With the development of integrated technology, this part of the circuit and power supply circuit are also installed in the sensor. In this way, the sensor can output the available signals which are easy to process and transmit. In the past when the technology is relatively backward, so-called sensors refer to the above sensitive elements, and transmitter is the above conversion elements.


Pressure sensors generally refer to the pressure signals changed into corresponding resistance signals or capacitance signals of the sensitive elements, such as: piezoresistive components, voltage-capacitance components. Pressure transducer generally refers to a complete set of circuit unit which is composed of pressure sensor and conditioning circuit. It can directly output standard voltage signal or current signal which is linear with pressure. It can be directly collected by instruments, PLC, acquisition card and other equipment.


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