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LED equipment industry application


A famous imported brand optical confirmation sensor, due to the frequent activities on the mobile arm of the equipment installation, leading to the original well-known brand optical confirmation sensor service life greatly reduced, basically no longer than three months of use time, the replacement cost of the enterprise is very high; in order to thoroughly solve the problem of customers, our engineers and customers fully communicate and to the actual understanding of the site, in our original product structure targeted to make improvements and upgrades, in addition to maintaining very fast and stable performance testing, the problem of short service life has been completely solved, the service life of the product from the original three months to enhance More than a year, and the price can still maintain a greater advantage, truly benefit manufacturing enterprises, reduce the cost of enterprises, improve profits and competitiveness, has been unanimously affirmed by customers! HeYi sensor, conscience enterprise, not the most expensive, only for the most appropriate!

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