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Heyi sensors’ application for the lithium battery industry.


A well-known enterprise in the lithium battery industry, the early problems: the use of other brand sensors, due to the particularity of the environment and structure and selection of the sensors are incorrect, resulting in the customer's equipment has been unable to work stably,  can not pass the acceptance. Solution: after communication with our engineers, hope that we can help them to solve this problem, to ensure the successful acceptance of the equipment in the shortest time, our technicians put the solution of customer problems in the first place, rushed to the site at the request of customers, according to the actual application environment and the structure has been designed for professional evaluation, ultimately choose our customized photoelectric sensor UL-G30N to perfect solution to customer's problems, and ensure that the stable operation of the equipment. The loss caused by the delay of equipment acceptance were avoided. The customers highly praised the quality of Heyi Brand. At the same time, give high praise to our technical personnel's service timeliness and attitude.  Heyi's company culture is reflected in: solving customer problems in the first place, with first-class quality and high-quality efficient service to create long-term value for customers.