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Heyi fight for the convid19


In the past two months, the virus raged and the epidemic broke out. Masks are used as basic protective products. Whether it is front-line medical personnel or ordinary people, everyone needs masks for protection. However, materials such as masks are in short supply at home and abroad. As a manufacturer of mask sensor, Heyi is silently exerting its fast, accurate, stable and reliable detection characteristics, and has stepped up production to help protect against epidemics. Heyi has been fully started, and we will do our best to ensure the stable supply of products!

The raw material of the mask is non-woven fabric, while the standard medical mask requires three layers to be combined, and the three layers of the mask are safer and more reliable. As a key component of the mask production line, the sensor is used for material and motion detection in feeding, cutting, packaging and other links. Heyi's proximity sensor has the functions of anti-interference and accurate detection to ensure sufficient materials.

The main types of sensors used in mask production lines are: photoelectric sensor, Fiber optic sensor, Proximity sensor, Laser displacement sensor, Color mark sensor, RGB color sensor RGB, Through beam sensor, Diffuse sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Infrared sensor and so on, the models are: FM-E31 fiber amplifier and FN-D076, FN-D080 fiber unit,square type photoelectric sensor ZL-D30N,M12 cylinder photoelectric sensor UE12-D150N,mini body type photoelectric UF-FB30 series sensors.

Heyi will spare no efforts to provide more efficient and intelligent anti-epidemic sensor products for the society, and contribute more to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control!