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laser displacement sensor


                                    Heyi LC-S series laser displacement sensor, including LC-S030, LC-S100 and LC-S400 three different detection distances, has been fully launched on                                                              the market.

                                    In the actual application process, the majority of customers highly recognized.

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                                     This series of products has the following advantages:

                                     1. Ultra-high cost performance;

                                     2. High precision, small spot and small volume;

                                     3. Dual output modes of switching quantity and analog quantity;

                                     4. Multiple detection modes are suitable for more application scenarios: general detection mode, one-point teaching mode, two-point teaching mode, 

                                     three-point teaching mode, descending differential mode, and ascending differential mode;

                                     5. The top of the large output indicator light, beautiful and generous

                                     6. White digital tube display distance value, clear and bright;

                                     7.Membrane switches, easy to use;

                                     8. Aluminum alloy shell, strong and durable.


                Heyi LC-S series laser displacement sensor is a sensor that uses laser technology to measure. It can be used to detect the geometry of the object's position,                                                     displacement, distance, thickness, height and diameter by accurately distinguishing the position and displacement change of the measured object.                                                                     It is especially suitable for various application scenarios that require high detection accuracy.

                In 3C industry, electronics industry, automobile industry, machinery industry, ceramic industry, semiconductor industry, new energy industry and many other fields,                                             laser displacement has been widely used to solve high-end detection application needs.