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Why The Fiber Optic Sensors Failed To Detect The Strong Reflective LightOf The Hardware Parts?


In May 19, 2018, a mechanical equipment manufacturer in Dongguan (mainly to do aging machines, coiler, packer, elevator and other products) put forward application problems, show as video 1, why the fiber optic sensors failed to detect the strong reflective light of the hardware parts?

Case analysis:

Phenomenon: first, through the video 1, you can clearly see that the hardware parts on the vibrating plate are metallic silver gray products with strong reflectivity. Customers select our Heyi's fiber optic amplifier FM-E31 and optical fiber FN-D076. When after the installation, the customer has not adjusted any function, directly default to the factory mode operation, then average 3-5 minutes will appear 1-2 pcs items leakage phenomenon, the equipment can not work normally.

Reason: before we do the selection and application of sensors, we should first understand the size, color, detection distance, material and so on of the detected object, and then select the appropriate detection mode and brightness according to the information collected. In the case, the detected object is a strong reflective material, while the optical fiber amplifier FM-E31 acquiescent the factory state of the light intensity is also higher. When the optical fiber amplifier is connected to the optical fiber to detected the object without the light adjusted, then feedback the value of the brightness has reached the maximum value, and the value can not be recovery and adjustment, so there are 1-2 missing cases in the application process, resulting in inaccurate detection.

Solution: the Heyi's sales engineer is very proficient in the functions and applications of the amplifier. By adjusting the luminance of the optical fiber amplifier FM-E31, the light luminance of the amplifier is reduced to the appropriate brightness in the detection of the strong reflective material, and then the normal test setting is carried out. There is a certain difference in the value of the luminance feedback. Through this adjustment, the device can accurately detect high speed, and the Heyi's engineer patiently and meticulously impart the functions of the amplifier to the technical personnel of the factory so that they can skillfully handle and operate the skills and operations, greatly improving the production efficiency of the factory. The factory leaders and technicians are highly appreciated.

The video 2 is how to adjust the brightness of FM-E31.